I am Andreu

I'm Andreu Casals, Born in Mataró (Barcelona) on 1987.
Junior UX Designer, Digital designer and startup lover

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About me

I was born in Mataró, Barcelona, on the 21st of May 1987. My father expanded his stone company and my grandfather had different business.
This atmosphere formed a strong personality, strong work skills and concentration on my goals.
I am a very curious person and I wanted to know as a child how the companies are structured and how they are run.
This curiosity gave me other perspectives to understand the business.


Due to my curiosity about the business, I decided to move into a design perspective.As a designer, you have to understand how the company works, how you can help them create a strong business plan through design, and that's why I love design.
I studied interior design, digital design and UX design, and they all gave me the same knowledge, understanding the business or customer needs is the main characteristic to create a perfect design for them.

Personal Projects

In the past I started a few projects. The first was called "travelizate.com," where I offered experiences such as mountaineering, diving, etc.
The next one here in Ireland was called "Twoafit," I imported running clothes from Spain.Both projects help me understand the difficulties of building a business for myself, and they teach me some entrepreneurial skills.


For my future I would like to understand more about how to build businesses, I would like to be part of design departments and help businesses grow. This knowledge will give me the ability to better understand companies and accelerate my research.

Where I worked?

Marbres Casals

Family business.
September 2010 - July 2015

I had two different roles in the business. The first was working with the stone, cut, polish, CNC machine, etc. The second was to build a new brand to expand in Spain and Europe. The brand name was Quarsblau. I created the website, the SEO and SEM strategies and the graphic design.


Gymnastic e-commerce.
April 2014 - July 2015

I designed the SEO strategy for Argym, designed the AI and developed the website with Prestashop.


Adventure e-commerce
April 2013 - April 2015

Travelizate.com was a project I launched. I offered my clients adventure experiences such as climbing, summit meetings, diving, etc.This project was great to develop my skills in SEO and web management. I used Magento as a CMS. I had to meet many local companies to work with them

Sol y Sombra

Restaurant business
May 2016 - September 2019

I started at Sol y Sombra as a waiter.I had no experience in the hospitality industry and after a year and a half I was offered the position of supervisor. It was a great opportunity to challenge myself and improve my ability.


Wholesale running clothes
Febrary 2018 - November 2019

For this project I imported running clothes to Ireland and Great Britain.I had the representation of the Hanker brand. The fabric used by this brand to make the clothes is very popular in Spain and I wanted to investigate whether this type of clothing could have a chance on Irish and English people.For this project I have created a website for Great Britain and Ireland.


Digital & Web Designer
May 2018 - Currently

I could not find a design company to work as a web designer in Kerry, and I started my own company offering web design and digital design to my clients while I was doing my bachelor's degree and after my postgraduate studies in UX design.


Interior design

Pau Gargallo.
September 2007 - Juny 2010


October 2012- April 2013

Digital Design

November 2015 - November 2019

UX Design

UX Design Institute.
May 2020 - December 2020

Ux Design Project