Salvadors and Robertinos

Salvadors and robertinos is an Italian-Irish fusion restaurant in Killarney.  What they needed for this website was a content management system to add or change menus, change opening hours, or add or remove text. I designed in Figma and developed in Webflow.
This restaurant is packed all day long, and they have about 300 people a day. What I wanted to do for them was a website where the customer can book a table or order takeaway food. For the mobile version I have created these Call Action Buttons at the bottom of the website.  I didn't want a menu because I wanted people to scroll up and down and watch everything that's available.
What I did was take pictures of the restaurant and the dishes. After that I created a new category page for each type of dish and for each meal. The customer can go immediately what they want to know, and we can have a better SEO structure.

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